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We all have a ‘someday’. Someday I’m going to be this, someday I’m going to do this, someday I’ll have time for this.

We all want our journey to mean something.

Ask yourself: what do you want your legacy to be?

Here’s an exercise I did on my “Roadtripping’ course with Matthew McConnaughey. It’s a wee bit sobering yet really effective. It helped me change my journey for the better.

It goes like this. Imagine your funeral….

1. What do you think people would say?
2. What would you want them to say / to remember you by?
3. What needs to change to make this a reality?

For me, it went like this:

1. She gave everything to her job as a change agent with quite a bit of personal sacrifice. She worked tirelessly to conquer the stereotyping in the Marketing and Communications profession and to position her people to fulfil their full potential. She didn’t have much left in the tank to be present for her family and friends.

2. She was passionate, courageous and went after her dream to set up her own coaching business, specifically to help Marketing & Comms leaders. She was a great mum, was there for her family and friends through thick and thin and gave her children every opportunity to thrive. She gave back to the profession she held very dear, helping those within it be understood and respected and to develop into the senior leaders of the future.

3. I had to get off the corporate hamster wheel, stop procrastinating, take a deep breath and take my first step towards setting up Turas.

I’ve never looked back.

It’s your journey – travel it well with Turas.

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