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Marketing & Communications Technical Top-Ups

Finding the space, power & resilience to be remarkable in your own right.

Enabling busy Marketing & Communications practitioners to ‘top up’ their technical know-how in their own time and at their pace.

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Flexible Learning at Your Fingertips

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Personalised Learning: Shaping your Learning Experience to Fit You

  • Top-ups are online learning products so there’s no pressure on your time or being in the ‘right’ headspace – learn when you’re ready
  • Top-ups vary in format – automated webinars, e-worksheets and online courses in modules – to fit with how you like to learn
  • You can stop & start when it suits you.

Small Steps, Big Progress

  • Top-up topics cover the 3 foundations of Turas:  Space, Power & Resilience.  You’ll be able to see the range of ‘top-ups’ and how they fit together to make big progress. However, rather than bite off too much at once, you can pick & choose which one you want to focus on first to take the next step. 
  • Each ‘top-up’  is broken down into bite-size, digestible steps so you can learn gradually without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Once completing a ‘top-up’, you’ll receive suggestions on which topic may be useful to tackle next to continue to make progress.

Our Approach

Marketing & Communications Technical Top-Ups Options

Flexibility is key.  Each Top-up is designed to combine a range of learning styles, audio, visual & written.  Each Top-Up will be offered in 1 of the following formats, depending on what it’s covering:

1. 1 Hour Webinar + PDF Document

2. E-Worksheet + Optional 1:1 Session  – currently in development.  Watch this space!

3. Online Modules Course + Workbooks – currently in development.  Watch this space!

SPACE: The Mindset Pyramid

Help you grow professionally and personally by understanding the path up the different levels of mindset and headspace.

What’s Included

  • 1 Hour Webinar
  • PDF Document
  • 1:1 Session (optional & additional cost)


  • Understand the mindset pyramid and how it can help you grow professionally & personally
  • Understand how self-awareness can improve your focus & wellbeing
  • Be equipped with practical tools on how to build your self-awareness and identify where you’d like to focus

$41 NZD Plus GST | $25.00 USD

POWER: How to build a Marketing & Communications Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Feel more confident & reassured that you have a quality strategy that is easily understood and stands up to scrutiny.

What’s Included

  • 1 Hour Webinar
  • PDF Document
  • 1:1 Session (optional & additional cost)


  • Identify who needs to be involved
  • Define where you’re at a and the problem you’re trying to be solve
  • Write a compelling problem statement
  • Convert your problem statement into SMART Goals
  • Measure performance

$81 NZD Plus GST | $49 USD

RESILIENCE: Unbreakable Leaders

Helps you to stay positive & maintain balance during stressful times, learn & adapt to setbacks.

What’s Included

  • 1 Hour Webinar
  • PDF Document
  • 1:1 Session (optional & additional cost)


  • Why resilience matters in Marketing & Communications
  • What types of resilience you need for conquering stereotyping, hierarchy & bureaucracy
  • Practical tips & tools to build your resilience

$56 NZD Plus GST | $34 USD

SPACE: E-Worksheet

Mindful Monday Hacks - 25 Tips to Conquer Mondayitis & the Week Ahead

$85 NZD Plus GST | $59.00 USD

POWER: Beyond Boundaries

A blueprint for marketing & communications leaders in enterprise-wide thinking

Coming Soon!

RESILIENCE: Radar Survey

This Resilience Radar helps you understand how resilient you are when faced with Stereotyping, Hierarchy and Bureaucracy. It will identify focus areas to boost your resilience and coping strategies for future success.

$113 NZD Plus GST | $70.00 USD

Coming Soon

POWER: Beyond Boundaries
The Blueprint for Building Enterprise-Wide Thinking for Marketing and Communications Leaders

Discover the four fundamental pillars that will elevate your ability to foster cross-functional collaboration, drive effective decision-making at an enterprise level, streamline marketing and communication processes, leverage insights and drive innovation.

On the Front Foot Leadership Coaching
Programme – Online & In-Person

Currently in development with the Mastermind Coaching Academy in USA.

Designed For:

Marketing & Communications Leaders who want to conquer the stereotyping, hierarchy & bureaucracy to deliver results at the highest level for themselves and their organization.

How will it help me? 

It’ll accelerate your leadership journey on all 3 levels – strategically, technically & emotionally – with proven insights, tools and blueprints that you can put into practice immediately.

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