Marketing & Comms Technical Top-Ups

Finding the space, power & resilience to be remarkable in your own right.

Enabling busy Marketing & Comms practitioners to ‘top up’ their technical know-how in their own time and at their pace.

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Flexible Learning at Your Fingertips

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Personalised Learning: Shaping your Learning Experience to Fit You

  • Top-ups are online learning products so there’s no pressure on your time or being in the ‘right’ headspace – learn when you’re ready
  • Top-ups vary in format – automated webinars, e-worksheets and online courses in modules – to fit with how you like to learn
  • You can stop & start when it suits you.

Small Steps, Big Progress

  • Top-up topics cover the 3 foundations of Turas:  Space, Power & Resilience.  You’ll be able to see the range of ‘top-ups’ and how they fit together to make big progress. However, rather than bite off too much at once, you can pick & choose which one you want to focus on first to take the next step. 
  • Each ‘top-up’  is broken down into bite-size, digestible steps so you can learn gradually without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Once completing a ‘top-up’, you’ll receive suggestions on which topic may be useful to tackle next to continue to make progress.

Our Approach

Marketing & Comms Technical Top-Ups Options

Note: These packages can be tailored to your needs

Flexibility is key.  Each Top-up is designed to combine a range of learning styles, audio, visual & written.  Each Top-Up will be offered in 1 of the following formats, depending on what it’s covering:

1. 1 Hour Webinar + PDF Document

2. E-Worksheet + Optional 1:1 Session  – currently in development.  Watch this space!

3. Online Modules Course + Workbooks – currently in development.  Watch this space!

SPACE: Exploring your Headspace: Unveiling the Mindset Pyramid

Help you grow professionally and personally by understanding the path up the different levels of mindset and headspace.

What’s Included

    • 1 Hour Webinar 
    • PDF Document
    • 1:1 Session (optional & additional cost)


  • Introduction to the Mindset Pyramid and how it helps you progress through different levels of mindset and headspace
  • The importance of awareness & how it helps you create focus
  • 2 tools to improve your self-awareness, declutter your mind and do more of what you love.


Coming Soon

POWER: How to Develop Marketing & Comms Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Feel more confident & reassured that you have a quality strategy that is easily understood and stands up to scrutiny.

What’s Included

    • 1 Hour Webinar 
    • PDF Document
    • 1:1 Session (optional & additional cost)


  1. Taking everyone on the journey with you – how to identify who needs to be involved in building the strategy
  2. How to understand where you’re at and the problem you’re trying to solve
  3. How to write a compelling problem statement
  4. How to convert your problem statement into SMART goals that contribute to your organisation’s goals
  5. How to measure your performance.


Coming Soon

RESILIENCE: 3 Steps to kick-start your ability to bounce back & adapt for future success

Helps you to stay positive & maintain balance during stressful times, learn & adapt to setbacks.

What’s Included

    • 1 Hour Webinar 
    • PDF Document
    • 1:1 Session (optional & additional cost)


  1. Why is resilience important?
  2. Putting on your own oxygen mask first: how to identify habits & patterns that limit your ability to bounce back
  3. How to redefine your relationship with failure
  4. How to develop more resilience.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Online in October

3 x Free 1 Hour Webinars:

1. SPACE:  Exploring Your Headspace:  Unveiling the Mindset Pyramid

2. POWER: How to Build Marketing & Comms Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

3. RESILIENCE:  3 Steps to Kick-Start Your Ability to Bounce Back & Adapt for Future Success

Coming in November

On the Front Foot Leadership Coaching Programme – Online & In-Person

Currently in development with the Mastermind Coaching Academy in USA.

Designed For: Marketing & Comms Leaders who want to conquer the stereotyping, hierarchy & bureaucracy to deliver results at the highest level for themselves and their organization.

How will it help me with? It’ll accelerate your leadership journey on all 3 levels – strategically, technically & emotionally – with proven insights, tools and blueprints that you can put into practice immediately.

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