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I know how it feels when others make you feel ‘smaller’ than you are, make you question your abilities and box you into a corner.

As a ‘career’ change agent, I’ve been stereotyped, bullied and marginalised many times on my own journey. At its most severe, it resulted in anxiety and medication.

But here’s the truth: You can rise above. Here’s how:

Recognise the root cause is not about you, it’s about others.

Stereotyping often stems from misunderstanding what you do, not who you are. It’s about Mindset.

Bullying often arises from feeling threatened by what you know, not who you are. It’s about Power.

Marginalisation comes from not being clear on who owns the mandate OR the organisation is not mature enough to understand that it is in fact your mandate. It’s about Alignment.

Decide whether your values and path truly align to your organisation.

Isolated incidents versus repeated clashes? If the answer is the latter, then you need to ask yourself if this organisation is right for you, not whether you are right for them. It’s about Culture.

Sometimes, you might outpace your organisation’s readiness for your strategic role as Marketing and Communications. It’s about Maturity.

Consider if staying outweighs the need for action.

Reflect on whether staying will limit your career or leadership journey

Weigh up whether you can enact positive change and reset relationships with no backlash.

Remember, your decisions are yours alone. Emotions are natural, but try not to let them linger. Move on to putting energy into the next phase of your journey. A fresh start, free from baggage, is essential for your wellbeing and productivity.

If this post helps at least one person go from struggle to strength, it makes it all worthwhile.

DM me ‘STRENGTH’ if you’d like more information.

It’s your journey – travel it well with Turas.

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