Unlocking the Power of Possibility

Turas Consulting
& Coaching

Unlocking the Power of Possibility

Turas Consulting
& Coaching

­­­“Finding the space, power and resilience to Be Remarkable in your own right.“

I enable Marketing & Comms leaders to conquer the slog of stereotyping, hierarchy and bureaucracy by powering up strategically, technically and emotionally to deliver real results at the highest level.

Turas Vision / Roadmap

To make remarkable within reach.  For everyone. For good.


Being real and true.


Explore to understand, learn and grow.


I can see beyond the present and imagine what could be.


The courage to tackle the hard stuff to shape a better future.


Passionate, determined, and driven to achieve results. I won’t quit on you.


No hidden agenda. I can help you see what you may not.


I mean business.


Here for you.


Revel in the job at hand.

For you to be remarkable in your own right...

If this rings true with where you’re at with your own journey and you could use a hand, it all starts with a conversation…so let’s have a chat. 

Welcome to Turas

It’s your journey - travel it well with Turas

Turas means ‘journey’ in Scottish Gaelic. I’m Lindsey Brittain, a proud Scot and I am Turas.  

With 26 years’ experience in Marketing, Comms & Business Management under my belt, I’ve started Turas to help Marketing & Comms leaders achieve real results for themselves and their organisation at the highest level – and in doing so, enjoy their journey.

I believe everything in life is a journey: our leadership, our career, our business and our home life. I also believe we all have the right to enjoy our journey, one where we get excited about what’s possible, what makes it great and take steps to make it a reality.

“The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way”
- Ken Poirot.

What Turas Offers

Turas offers a range of mentoring and coaching services to unlock the power of your own possibilities:


To get you on the front foot strategically, technically and emotionally.


To help you find your true purpose and passion and accelerate your development path.


To feel more fulfilled and balanced in your life.


A shared learning experience that is focussed yet fun and squeezes every ounce of value from your time together in-session and afterwards.


To help SME owners in Marketing & Comms reignite their passion for their business and convert possibility into positive results for their bottom line. 


Enabling busy Marketing & Comms practitioners to ‘kick-start’ or ‘top up’  their technical know-how in their own time and at their pace.

My Services

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Coming Soon

Coming Online in November

3 x Free 1 Hour Webinars:

1. SPACE:  Exploring Your Headspace:  Unveiling the Mindset Pyramid

2. POWER: How to Build Marketing & Comms Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

3. RESILIENCE:  3 Steps to Kick-Start Your Ability to Bounce Back & Adapt for Future Success

Coming in Christmas

On the Front Foot Leadership Coaching Programme – Online & In-Person

Currently in development with the Mastermind Coaching Academy in USA.

Designed For: Marketing & Comms Leaders who want to conquer the stereotyping, hierarchy & bureaucracy to deliver results at the highest level for themselves and their organization.

How will it help me with? It’ll accelerate your leadership journey on all 3 levels – strategically, technically & emotionally – with proven insights, tools and blueprints that you can put into practice immediately.

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