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Right now, we’re all doing it a bit tough. Pressures and worry due to COL, new government, global unrest, I could go on. Busy days and busy minds.

So this week’s Mindful Monday hack is building on last week’s back to the basics. ‘Busyness’ means we often forget, as leaders, the difference a wee act of kindness can make and it really doesn’t cost a thing, apart from our time.

The question you have to ask yourself is it worth the time? Too right.

I always booked time in my calendar to ‘walk the floor’, check in on my team or a colleague I knew was having a rough time. Sometimes, it took 30 minutes out of my day but it was worth it. It created a much closer relationship with that person and with my team.

Those same people committed long hours to support our staff and communities with COVID-19 and Cyclone crisis communications.

Those same people remained committed, producing quality work and contributing to future thinking, which could affect them, during a change process.

Kindness is not an ‘nice to have’ when it comes to being a great leader, it’s a necessity. It creates results.

What was the last act of kindness you did that made a difference?

It’s your journey – travel it well with Turas.

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