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Did you know, while you speak at a pace of 125 to 175 words per minute, your mind can process up to 400 words per minute? That’s quite a gap, often leading to distractions and misunderstandings.

Here’s the risk: when you don’t listen deeply, you can miss out on crucial opportunities.

Here’s 3 simple things you can do to bridge the gap:

1️⃣ CLEAR THE CLUTTER – STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF Recognize and clear your own mental ‘chatter’ to make space for truly hearing the other person. This means creating physical ‘space’ between meetings to collect your thoughts rather than back-to-backs; put to the side (temporarily) the deadline/decision that’s looming later that day; and put your phone on silent.

2️⃣ SHOW YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget to give those simple, physical signals you’re listening: say yes, nod, smile to demonstrate you’re listening; repeat back or ask the odd question to clarify what you’re discussing; allow the other person to speak without interrupting.

3️⃣ RESPECT THE PAUSE Sometimes, what’s left unsaid speaks volumes. Be ok with the silence and tune into the nuances. Use encouraging prompts at the right moments to encourage someone to share a bit more.

Here’s the ‘up’ side if you do this:

1️⃣ CLARITY You avoid misunderstanding, confusion and repeat conversations.

2️⃣ TRUE CONNECTION You’ll create genuine relationships built on trust and understanding.

3️⃣ EFFICIENCY You’ll achieve faster and more efficient outcomes.

4️⃣ EMOTIONALLY INVESTING You’ll forge deeper connections because you’re investing time and emotion in the other person..

5️⃣ KNOWLEDGE SHARING If you open up to someone else’s perspective, you expand your own view of the world and ultimately your understanding and knowledge.

Here’s to making every moment count, every connection meaningful and every opportunity appear…

It’s your journey – travel it well with Turas.

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