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I find having a clear sense of where you stand can make all the difference when things feel uncertain. If you’re grappling with your career transition such as redundancy or restructuring right now, I’ve developed this PROFICIENCY ASSESSMENT TOOL to give you a helping hand. All you need to do is rate yourself against each of the skills and then prioritise each one in terms of what you’d like to do next.

With a clearer picture of your strengths and areas for growth, you’ll be able to assess what roles are on the table, put your best foot forward for interviews, give a clear brief to recruitment agents who are helping you with unlocking possibilities outside your organisation.

Take a moment to take stock of your Marketing and Communications skillset. By understanding what you’re great at and where you could use a bit more practice, you’ll be better equipped to weather your current uncertainty and come out stronger on the other side. Think of it as a roadmap for finding your way forward.

Discover the power of knowledge and self-awareness to find your footing in uncertain times.

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