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Collaborating with PRINZ / IoD

Delighted and flattered to be the MC for such an enjoyable evening, partnering with PRINZ and IoD.  Packed with honest insights, robust discussion, stories, laughter and connection.

A symphony of insights emerged from our esteemed panelists:  Kirsten (KP) Patterson  Vanessa Horne and Janet Carson.  Here’s just a few of my key outtakes:

Trust, Trust, Trust

The panel acknowledged the intrinsic, strategic value of communication in terms of influencing thinking, action-taking and decision-making.  All of which support the Executive and Board in terms of reputation management, achieving organizational objectives and successful governance.  The discussion focussed on the importance of more clearly defining the role and value of communication and its partnership at the top.

Business Outcomes First
Speak the language of business and be tangible for effective engagement at the top. Take an enterprise-wide view. Robust debate is welcomed.

Evolution of Board Responsibilities
From traditional stakeholder dividends to a focus on community dividends.  Ethics is table stakes.

Balancing Climate Change & Transparency
Communicating effectively in this realm remains a careful, balancing act with more work required to get this right. Clear targets, measurable and defensible actions, and a commitment to transparency emerged as vital components to navigate this critical area.

AI and Digital Dynamics
Leveraging this to harness and enhance multiple audiences effectively, specifically with community engagement. The intersection of ethics with AI and digital strategies was underscored, emphasizing the need for responsible and principled communication practices.

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