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Absolutely thrilled to share the remarkable experience of my recent strategic workshop with the Marketing and Fundraising team at the Stroke Foundation. Our day together was nothing short of transformative, and I feel honoured to have been part of it.

Working closely with Jess Winchester, GM, our focus was crystal clear from the outset: to connect and empower the team and set a clear strategy for future success. Together, Jess and I crafted an approach that honed in on her team’s specific needs, ensuring we squeezed every ounce of value out of our time together. Our 1-day workshop was a collaborative journey filled with purpose, dedication, enthusiasm, and progress.

These testimonials below are not just words; they encapsulate the tangible impact of our time together. Witnessing the team’s growth, camaraderie, and newfound clarity and confidence was immensely gratifying to see and be a part of. My thanks to Jess and her team…

“From the very beginning, Lindsey worked closely with me to identify the outcomes my team and I needed from the workshop… I walked away at the end of the day feeling like a weight had lifted from my shoulders.”

“Facilitated an epic one day workshop… If you want your team to develop trust in each other and develop a solid plan for future success, I thoroughly recommend Turas.”

“Lindsey’s workshop was fantastic. It was fun but also very solution-focused, and we came out of it with an actionable plan that will take us to the next level.”

“Our workshop with Turas was professional, uplifting and insightful… Her sessions were interactive and fun, and it helped us bond as a team.”

If you’re seeking to empower your team, build trust, and unlock their full potential, check out or DM me for a chat.

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